Stream A Hangout Or Youtube Live Video On Your VPS

If you, like me have been trying to battle with slow internet speeds (From Australia Myself), then this is the video for you.

In this video, I show you how I have overcome my slow internet speed for streaming youtube live videos with wirecast, by running the stream off my Solid SEO VPS.
(Note: Resources used can be found on the bottom of this post)

You can watch the video below


I will be adding a full writeup on this shortly, to detail every step.

On thing to note howerver, is that if you upload the video on youtube and you try and embed it on your blog, you may need to force the embeded video to play in HD with this code.

The cliffnotes however is that I am using Solid Seo VPS (Geek Package) and the free version of wirecast.

Stay tuned!

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