How To Retarget An Affiliate Link

If you are in to affiliate marketing and do any form of paid advertising, you know that dropping a retargeting pixel on an offer that you are direct linking to is challenging at best.

Up until recently, the best way to get this done was to contact the vendor or product creator directly and ask them to place the pixel on the offer page so that you can start creating a custom audience from the visitors you send to the page.

So how do you add a re-targeting pixel on an affiliate link?

If you are trying to drop a re targeting pixel on an affiliate link from JVZoo, Clickbank or any other offer that you are direct linking to, it is entirely possible with the new (well… new to me, they’ve been around for a while) product called click magic.

Basically, click magic allows you create redirects from your own domain to the affiliate offer whilst firing the retargeting pixel. To the visitor, they are basically just clicking the link from whatever medium you are advertising from and are being taken directly to the offer page, however in the background, Click Magic has already dropped the pixel on their computer and you are able to re-target them as you see fit. The steps to this are as follows:

 Steps to re-target an affiliate link

  1. Create the custom audience and grab your remarketing pixel from whatever medium you are advertising from (I am using Facebook here)
  2. Grab your affiliate offer link
  3. Go to ClickMagic and set up the redirect
  4. Test the link to make sure that the affiliate click has registered and the retargeting pixel has dropped.

It is as simple as that.

Now why would you want to retarget an affiliate link?

Basically, sending visitors to an affiliate offer pre-qualifies them as people who are interested in your specific niche. This means that you will be able to re-market specific things in that same niche and you know that they will be interested in the offer, or you could simply offer them a lead magnet and capture their email addresses to put them on an email sequence promoting any offer you choose. The possibilities are literally endless, and put simply you are leaving money on the table by NOT doing this.

So what else can you do with ClickMagic?

Well aside from re-marketing to an affiliate link click, this tool can do a lot of other really cool stuff that I am just scratching the surface of.
These include:

Dynamic Re-targeting

Here you can basically create your own sales page for an affiliate offer on your own page and still have the affiliate click register on the product vendors side (This also allows you to retarget the visitor as well).
For example: If I don’t like the pre-sell page of an offer, I can simply pre sell the offer on my own website and have the affiliate click register so if the customer did decide to purchase, I will still get credit for this click. Whilst this is a really helpful tool, I can see this being abused so if you do decide to use this, do so ethically (I know I know… I am not your real mom).

Split Testing

This is does as advertised, you are able to split test from within the software.

Repeat URLs

Basically, this will be able to determine if a customer has already visited your offer page before and dynamically send them to a different page of your choosing. You can do this to for instance build in some scarcity or to offer the customer a discount. Lost of possibilities with this one as well, and you are basically only limited by your imagination.

Link rotators

Link rotators basically will send visitors to different offers that you specify. You will be able to analyse the data and decide which offer best suits the traffic that you are sending and put more focus on that offer instead.

As I mentioned, these are just some of the things that ClickMagic can do, but I am just scratching the surface with this one. If you would like to know more, they offer a free trail, which you can view by clicking on the link below.

>> Free ClickMagic Trail

I hope this has helped you in some way, and please feel free to hit me up on my email if you have any questions.