Content Creation Services

Content creation is something that a lot of blog and website owners struggle with.  I have posted a few articles based on these topics (some of them outsourced) to try and bring value to the community to identify when it is a good idea to outsource your content and when to write it yourself.  There are many things to consider when you are outsourcing content creation for your website or blog.

So what should you be looking for when outsourcing content?

  • Make sure that the content is professionally written with a specific tone
  • Make sure you are getting charged the market rate for what you are getting.  I have found that a good rule of thumb would be $5/500 words for a low to medium quality article and $10/500 words for medium/good quality article.
  • Take note of how long the platform takes to deliver your article
  • The article needs to be optimised for SEO (No keyword stuffing)
  • There needs to be no grammar issues (grammarly is great for verifying this)
  • The article needs to be able to deliver your articles at scale if need be


I have done a comparison of a few different content creation sites and have found iNeedArticles and Hirewriters to be the best quality and value for money. (These are affiliate links which will mean that I will get a comission for referring you to these sites at no extra cost to you)

Content Writing Service Comparisons

Click one of the sites below and it will show you the site and how it compares to other sites performing the same services

Sites like iWriter
Sites like iNeedArticles
Sites like HireWriters
Sites like Text Brokers

The highlight of this all however was that iNeedArticles was the stand out best content creation platform, which was closely followed by HireWriters (Affiliate Links).  I did not get a chance to try out textbrokers because I was not able to obtain an article of the higher packages that they offer within the $20 budget.  They are likely very good but unfortunately I set this project with a strict budget of $20 and they did not fall in our range.