Sparkol VideoScribe Alternative

Looking for a cheap sparkol videoscribe alternative?

Look no further friend, you have come to the right place.  With the massive success of video marketing in our industry of late, it was inevitable that a cheaper sparkol alternative would hit the market. We have tested the many tools out there, and the following two tools stand out the most.

The closest alternative in terms of functionality and pricing for me is Easy Sketch Pro by far.  You can see the video below to see my tutorial on how the software works and why I like it so much.

You can get easy sketch pro by clicking here

Check out my video review below

Why I Like It?

Basically, it is exactly what we want it to be. It is a fantastic alternative to sparkol and comes in at a fraction of the cost.  The only drawback I can see is that the library isn’t as full as the library provided at sparkol. To be honest this hasn’t really been a big issue for me as I was able to find royalty free vectors to add into my library as I needed them if they weren’t there already.

It is also SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than sparkol, at a one off $30


Another great Alternative to Sparkol Videoscribe

Another excellent whiteboard video tool is Explianado

This tool is great because it does all the things sparkol can do and much much more. Things like sketching over videos and other video editing is possible with this tool. It is more of an all encompassing video editing tool where as sparkol and Easy sketch pro all do a few things and do them well.


I will be working on a tutorial for explianado as well, but you can always check out their sales page here if you want to find out more right now.


I like ESP as it is much cheaper and does exactly what I want it to do.  If you are looking for video editing on a budget, definitely look at ESP.
>>You can get ESP here

Explianado is another GREAT tool but it is slightly more expensive. It can do the whiteboard videos and then some. If you are looking for a great deal but are willing to spend around $10 more, I think expliando is even better option if you are using video editing more frequently in your marketing.
>>You can get Explianado here