Instagress Alternatives On The Market – The best alternative to Instagress

Alternative to Instagress
The best substitutes for Instagress in 2017

Now that Instagress has closed down, there are a few alternatives that are on the market that you can choose as a viable substitute. I will be going over two of them in this article as I have tried them both out. The article will rank them on Price, performance, features, user friendliness as well as well as what system will suit you best based on your operating system.

Instagress Vs Mass Planner Vs Instaeasy – The Instagram marketing candidates

I have chosen both Instaeasy as well as Mass Planner to review as the best Instagress alternative. Both these platforms seemed to be the most talked about in the market and so I knew that they would both do a good job to help replace Instagress.

If you would like to visit their sales pages, you can do so here:

Instaeasy Sales Page – $1 Trial

Mass Planner Sales Page  – Free Trial

(Disclosure: I paid for and used both of these software’s so that I could review them properly. By clicking on the links above, you will be helping me to continue reviewing other software alternatives at no extra cost to yourselves, as I will receive an affiliate commission should you decide to purchase)
You can see a full video review that I have done of both Instagress alternatives here:


The price comparison

Well, the price points are significantly different to Mass Planner Vs Instaeasy. If you would like to go the Instaeasy route, you will be looking at around $47/month or $347 annually. Comparatively, Mass Planner will set you back $9.95/month if you just want the comparable features to Instagress or $19.95 if you want the premium plan which I dare say, is significantly better than Instagress!

When you compare this to Instagress (which was $2.00 for 3 days, $5.00 for 10 days or $10.00 for 30 days) – Mass Planner comes out the clear winner here.

The performance comparison

Performance wise, both tools performed relatively similarly. Both Mass Planner and Instaeasy have the same abilities of Instagress, with Mass Planner having additional features above that. This means that it is up to you to choose the settings in the tools that would best suit your level of risk (yes there is risk using these tools) as well as how you customize your hash tags and influencers that you follow to make sure that the tools can do their job.

Both these tools performed comparatively to Instagress, however Mass Planner has a lot more functionality than both Instaeasy and Instagress, which we cover, in the next section.

The functionality comparison

Functionality wise, Instaeasy is pretty much a clone of Instagress. You can do everything that you would do in Instagress from the cloud-based software. This means that the tools is no better or worse than the other. Mass Planner however is a beast in and of its own. Mass planner allows you to manage not just your Instagram profile, but also your twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus and more. It also has more features for Instagram such as scheduling posts, Instagram chat automation and more.   You are also able to get much more granular with the software’s functionality and what you would like it to do. You can set up how many people you want to follow, your follower following ratio, add in a random sleep time in the software so it doesn’t look like your life revolves around Instagram and much more. I know I probably sound like a Mass Planner fan boy, but it is just that awesome!

No prizes for guessing here but I give Mass Planner the functionality award too.

User Friendliness comparison

Although I have been giving Mass Planner all the praise up until now, I will say that Instaeasy is much more user friendly. The software is cloud based and is very clean in what it presents to the end user on the front end. You are given a range of pre set options to choose from based on how fast you want to grow your account which you select and let the software do its thing.

Mass Planner on the other hand requires you to be a lot more involved in each step, and is much more granular as mentioned above. You have to set up things like how fast you want it to follow people, how many intervals do you want to do a day (simulating how you would actually use Instagram) and more. Although it was designed to be this way to give the user more control, if you are looking to just plug in your login details and have the software work for you hands-off from the start, this software is not for you. Although Mass Planner is hands off after the initial tinkering, you will have to get involved to find out what is the right settings for how you want to grow your account.

I would say Instaeasy takes out this category due to their clean front end design and user friendly UI.

Operating System Compatibility comparison

If you are running a Mac, you would be devastated to know that Mass Planner is PC only, and requires the use of a VPS or Parallels to run the software. If this is not something that you are willing to do, then Mass Planner is not for you.

(Side note: I run a Mac and I am sticking with Mass Planner because the functionality and benefits for the price point is hard to go passed)

As mentioned above, Instaeasy is web based, so you don’t have to worry about any technical or tedious things like installing a VPS or anything like that if you want to go this route. It’s as easy as logging in to the web-based platform, entering your details and letting the software rip!

Overall Recommendation

It should come as no surprise, that Mass Planner is my favorite alternative to Instagress based on the cheaper price point as well as the superior performance and features. It allows you to grow your entire social following on all your platforms, not just Instagram and does so at a comparable price point to Instagress, and a cheaper price point than Instaeasy. The added features of scheduling posts means that you can plan out your whole week or month ahead of time and just let the content drip out without much intervention by your part.

There are also some drawbacks however as it is a desktop based software so those running Macs will need to use a VPS and it has a higher learning curve than Instagress or Instaeasy does. Instaeasy is very user friendly so you can literally plug in your details and set a level of activity you want from the app and let it grow your following – and it will do just that!

With all of that said, you can check out both the software’s that offer a trial period at the links below

Mass Planner – Free Trial
Instaeasy Sales Page – $1 Trial

Disclosure – I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to yourself if you choose to purchase any of these software’s through my links above. This will help me to continue to review software’s like this to find out what are the best alternatives.