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We are dedicated to finding you the best solutions to expensive alternatives in the Internet Marketing industry. We all had to start somewhere, and this blog is my way of giving back to you by testing the more expensive software and programs in our industry, and then finding a free to significantly lower cost alternative to getting the same job done. Offcourse, free is great but some times, it pays to shell out a little bit of money to ensure that you get the constant updates etc that is sometimes required for some of these tools to stay competitive in their markets. The developers of these tools are people just like us, so naturally you will expect to get a better quality product from a paid tool than a free one.

That said, you can check out my “how to” section to find out a lot of guides on how to get things done for free or relatively cheap, as well as our “substitutes” section to find our top pick alternatives to some of the most common and required tools in the market.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I look forward to helping you on your internet marketing journey!